Rare Earth Elements Fund (CHF)

The Rare Earth Elements Fund covers the Critical Raw Materials theme and all in benefiting of a mine-to-market approach.

The fund invests worldwide in listed companies which are implied in the business life cycle of strategic metals to provide specific raw materials, technologies, products, services and recycling solutions..

ISIN:   CH0111943673

  • ‘No need to be a visionary! These metals already tell the story of tomorrow!’
    Laurent Krull 
  • ...we are only at the very beginning of a lasting bull-trend that may carry share prices of miners and processors much higher.
    Urs Gmür
  • In some way you engage ourselves in an investissement that affects our energy future and the reduction of greenhouse gases.
     A shareholder

Mission Statement

We pursue the devoted development and management of a Swiss investment fund, specializing in REE and based on the concept of "Mine to Market" with goal to beat the return target of 12% per annum. The management with respective professional degrees in geology, portfolio management and technical analysis strives to respect and integrate the various professional standards so that the fund will easily meet all quality requirements of the professional-institutional investor. A special focus will be set on transparency, integrity and ethical respectfulness in any matter that concerns our REE-Fund.


A swiss Fund regulated by FINMA and open to public. All required expertise with proven track records, including a scientific comitee, are dedicated to the success of the Rare Earth Elements Fund.  The Fund is a partnership between Dolefin SA and Ethore SA. Both companies are based in Nyon (Switzerland) and have together cumulated more than 30 years of investment management and technical research.


Vigilance on securities according to CSR and/or for respect of ethical charter. Everyday contact,  Quarterly Investment Committee (TAA); Annual General Meeting (SAA)


Over 7 years of track record and related knowledge of the market; REE Fund competes favorably against its benchmark, 1.5 % p.a. Management fee

Information  and Marketing

Ladies and gentlemen, we are keen to make presentations or answer any enquiries concerning the Fund.


Please ask us for the factsheet, otherwise, you can download information on: . swissfunddata.ch plateform  using the  ISIN  : CH0111943673


Please contact us to arrange a meeting.



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